Is this Kosher 2.0 or just in the grey area between a pet and houseplant?

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     James Guy Hammond

    Check out Petite Farm

    Eating insects (entomophagy) is uncommon in the West and has a degree of social stigma associated with it; however, it is a rapidly growing industry and a trend that Western millennials are increasingly interested in. 19% of young males in the UK are interested in trying food made from edible insects, (Mintel, 2015). The Economist predicts that by 2021 the entomophagy market will grow from $300 million to $1.3 billion.

    Petite Farm empowers users to grow a healthy and sustainable food alternative, in a clean, simple and hygienic process.

     Danny Shine

    Personally I think its a grey area. there will always be grey areas because life itself is full of exploitation so I am not sure anything is freally ‘fit’ for consumption!

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